“You cannot spend a dollar in housing until you have invested a dollar in civil infrastructure.”

Civil infrastructure is the foundation of Australia’s progress and prosperity. It plays a critical role in addressing the nation’s housing needs, supporting the
transition to renewable energy, and enhancing overall productivity. However, it remains the missing link.

Before a government or private housing provider can commence work on a housing project, the civil industry is required to unlock the property with roads, connect the properties to utilities, and lay the foundations for future development. Modern infrastructure ensures the development of sustainable and affordable housing, catering to a growing population and reducing the cost of living.

Infrastructure is vital to major projects, from solar farms in the regions to developing our ports to get goods to international markets or laying the
foundations for domestic manufacturing.

Australia’s goals in cost of living and net carbon zero are best achieved when civil construction is the first principle or investment particularly in creating housing and low cost living. Without addressing the current approach to civil construction, we will not have the skills, capital, and expertise to meet the Government’s ambitious housing and energy targets.

Investing in civil infrastructure is essential for a resilient, sustainable, and prosperous Australia.

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Civil Construction Missing Link

Nicholas Proud
Chief Executive Officer
Civil Contractors Federation National