Australia’s peak employer body representing the Civil Construction industry has welcomed the passing of the the Australian Building and Construction Commission Bill through the Australian parliament.

The Civil Contractors Federation’s (CFF) calls for the reintroduction of the Commission have been answered and Australia will now have a construction watchdog that will police illegal activity in the construction industry

Chief Executive Officer of the CCF said the re-establishment of the ABCC is desperately needed to address the industrial mess on construction sites, and to help restore the confidence of investors that their projects can be completed in an efficient, safe, and productive manner.

The workers on our construction site will feel safer knowing they can turn up for work each day and concentrate on the job at hand without the pressures of pending militant’s storing the sites.

“Our construction sites should not be used as political arena for militants to push their case. Issues of significance should be addressed through proper due process – in this case, through the Australian Building and Construction Commission, Mr Melham said.

“The Australian population is expected to hit 30 million by 2030 and my members simply want to get on with the job of building the infrastructure necessary to ensure we all have a comfortable standard of living. That means new roads, bridges, rail lines, port infrastructure, and delivering the essential services to new residential and commercial developments”, Melham said.

“CCF has a policy supporting the presence of a strong ABCC.   It is well documented that the gains made during the first iteration of the ABCC were substantial and served to ensure that all sides of industry were on notice to behave in a far more acceptable manner in conducting business,” said CCF National Chief Executive Officer, Chris Melham.

The CCF believes the timing of the reintroduction of the ABCC could not have been better, coinciding with the recent announcement by the Federal Government to increase infrastructure investment to a record $80 billion to fund the 15 year Australian Infrastructure Plan.

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