The ATO recently updated its guidance material for claiming fuel tax credits (FTC) for heavy vehicles.

You should share this information with Civil Contractors Federation members because this update may affect them.

What’s new

1. More clarity on how to define a public road when considering things like bus lanes and toll roads
2. Updated methods to use to apportion fuel claimed for powering auxiliary equipment like main cabin air conditioning
3. An explanation on why the rate used for fuel to power air conditioning or idling on public roads is reduced by the road user charge

There’s more information in the ATO’s Business Bulletin that you can share with your members. There is also more detail at Heavy Vehicles which you can find by searching ‘heavy vehicles’ on

Encourage your members to check and see if they have used the correct rates for public roads. The FTC calculator will help make sure their claims are right.


FTC rates increased on 1 July and again on 1 August. Let your members know they should check to make sure they use the right rates in their BAS.